Author Guidelines

The 'Anusandhanika' is a bilingual (English/Hindi) and half yearly Refereed Research Journal published in January and July. It contains articles, useful for professionals, scholars, students as well as for those generally interested in the subject.

The 'Anusandhanika' desires to bring to the notice of the contributors that The  Articles should not normally exceed 5000 words.

Manuscripts should be composed in MS - Word double spaced typed on one side only of  A-4 size paper in font size 12 pts. with margins of 1.25" in left/right/top & bottom and Arial fonts for English and KrutiDev 010 fonts for Hindi is preferred. The Proposed article should be send on eMail (

The Editor and Advisory Board is fully empowered to edit, trim and adjust articles in order to conform to  Anusandhanika's format.

Normally,articles should be arranged under the heads  : (i) Title (ii) An Abstract of the paper not exceeding 200 words (iii) Keywords - maximum five keywords may be placed after the abstract (iv) Introduction (v) Materials and Methods (vi) Results and Discussions (vii) Conclusion and (viii) References.

References should be arranged in this order- Author's name, name of the book/article/journal, name of Publisher, place of publication, year of publication and page nos.

Editor and Advisory Board will not be responsible for the views expressed by the author/s in the Anusandhanika.

Foot notes should be avoided.

Units of measurement should be in the International (metric) system only.

Hindi Kosh and Oxford English Dictionary should be followed for disputed spellings.